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Container Based Development

Galaxy solutions provides consultants who are specialized in Container based solution offerings.

By using Containers organizations benefit in SDLC consistency. When our developers write test and deploy application inside containers the environment does not change at different parts of the delivery chain.

This makes collaboration between different Teams (developers, testers and admins) easier because they all work within the same containerized environment.

Container Platforms our consultants specialize in are:

Kubernetes Certified

Microsoft Azure Container Instances (ACI)

Server less Computing Framework

Red Hat for Kubernetes

DevOps Consulting

Continuous Development

Continuous Integration

Continuous Testing

Continuous Monitoring

Virtualization and Containerization

IOT Consulting

Galaxy solutions offer consultants who are specialized in Internet of Things (IoT).

Our consultants configure network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity.

They are specialized in designing and implementing communications that occur between these objects and corporate systems, internet-enabled devices and systems.

Our specialists work on devices such as thermostat, cars , lights, refrigerators and more appliances that can be connected to the IoT.

Specialized in offering consulting to implement templates, modules, widget-based frameworks to create actual end user applications using Oracle, ThingWorkx and

Using CISCO and AERIS provide network management and device management. In addition our consultants use Jasper and Wyless for network management.

Our specialty consultants offer device management to monitor IoT appliances using Digi and Intel technologies.

Public Cloud Consulting

Specialized and certified consultants in Microsoft Windows Azure.

Consultants are experts in Live Service, .NET Service, SQL Azure, SharePoint service, Dynamic CRM service

Consultants provide expertise in Window Azure, Azure service platform, User applications.

We also offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud expertise.

Specialized AWS IaaS consultants are on board anytime.

S3 simple Storage Service which provides the object-oriented storage service for users is a category of consulting offer by G.

EBS (Elastic Block Service) specialization consulting which provides the block storage interface which can be used to support traditional applications.

Consultants implementing SQS (Simple Queue Service) and its job is to ensure a reliable message service between two processes


Business Continuity

Want to find out how good your Business Continuity Plan is? Use our tools to find out from your team. See progress of analysis and results on dashboards and generate reports for mandatory reporting.

Requirement Gathering

Developing, distributing, maintaining and tracing requirements from beginning to end of a project with multiple sub departments? Use our RGT toolset to allow multiple resources create requirements, with approval workflows, export to RFP's in multiple formats, use dashboards to see progress and keep historical data forever.

Project Lifecycle Management

Want to manage your projects and communicate effectively among your team? Use our PMO tools to create test scripts, perform testing, record results, maintain defect lifecycle, view and report progress on dashboards. Also keep track your requirements, change requests, risk & issues and support incidents under one roof. Will work with your existing enterprise disconnected PMO tools to import data.

Independent Verification & Validation

Want to find IV&V team findings and observations and recommendations easily without having to look at reports over months? Use our IVVtools with a web based online database application. Tool allows IV&V team to collaborate between resources to develop findings and Client teams to search and find them. Dashboards allows executives to keep track of the lifecycle of findings. Reports of various kinds can be generated and document management of formal submitted report documents also available.

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